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Exposure is made up of three components:

  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed
  • ISO

Sounds pretty complicated but these are nothing more than overly complex technical terms for - totally logical things.

Let´s start with aperture:
Aperture“ is an enormously sophisticated word for a hole. Yes, a hole in your cameras lens.
The great thing is: Your camera electronics allow us to make this hole big (letting more light in), making your image brighter - or small, making your image darker.

The real image of an open and closed aperture

To easier understand aperture, let´s compare it with a window

On the left side we have the aperture of your camera, on the right side we have a window with blinds
The only difference: the window is rectangular, the aperture is round. But both are holes.

comparing the aperture to a window - both are open

If we close the blinds half, only half as much light gets into the room, making the room darker.
And it is exactly the same with the aperture – close it half and half the light gets in, making the image of your room - darker.

comparing the aperture to a window - both are half closed

Close it 90%, and only 10% get in, making your image pretty dark. – it´s as easy as that.

comparing the aperture to a window - both are 90% closed

Let´s repeat that: close the aperture and your image gets darker. open the aperture and your image gets brighter.


Now you understand how the aperture is determining the brightness of your image and why it is one important component of exposure.

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