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What is exposure?

Correctly exposing an image means capturing the right amount of light in your scene.

You will agree that this image is too bright, photographers call it overexposed.

overexposed image of couple exiting seaplane

This image, on the other hand, is too dark – it is underexposed.

underexposed image of couple exiting seaplane

Our goal is this kind of image with a good balance of light – it is correctly exposed.

correctly exposed image of couple exiting seaplane on Maldives

How do we achieve the correct exposure?

Most of you probably use an automatic mode. It can give you some nice results, but it is definitely not the right choice for constantly great images. And that is not only true for exposure, but also for focus and the overall sharpness of your images.

Different situations need different settings. There are other modes than the automatic mode that will give you much better results.

get out of the auto mode of your camera

The good news is: it is actually really easy to understand, how and when to use them.
Give me 10 minutes in the next 3 movies and you´ll perfectly UNDERSTAND exposure and with it 80% of what it takes to be a good photographer.

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